Sarito Sun
Meditation Instructor
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Phone:  760.942.3642

"Sarito Sun is the pre-eminent Laughologist on the planet!" DavidJi

Author of Secrets of Meditation, Instructor at the Chopra Center, and motivational speaker.

Sarito Sun, Queen of Laughter, has been leading laughter groups over 25 years. 

Sarito brought the international laughter movement to San Diego County in 2003.


Sarito is “Laughologist” for the Chopra Center for Wellbeing at La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, California.  She has been teaching Laughing Meditation and Dancing Meditations at the Chopra Center for eleven years.

Her experience includes working and serving people in all types of organizations and all walks of life.  She has inspired people of all ages to open up to the contagious joy of laughter.  Sarito Sun, a Certified Laughter Leader and Coach has touched the lives of over 50,000 people.  Sarito understands that laughter, joy, fun, and meditation are powerful ways to shower the world with health, harmony, peace and friendship. 

Whether it's a holiday party, an opener for your next all company meeting, a fun break during your next training, or part of your wellness program ~~ Sarito can provide a lighthearted and energy-filled session that will make your event truly special.  Call Sarito at 760.942.3642 to learn more about what laughter can do for you and your group.  

Sarito's happy clients include:  Chopra Center, Genentech Pharmaceuticals, Kaiser Permanente, Kyocera Wireless, The Golden Door, California State University San Marcos, San Diego Cancer Center, La Costa Resort and Spa, The City of Carlsbad, The City of Encinitas, Southern California Association of Activity Professionals, Carlsbad by the Sea Retirement Center, Seaside Center for Spiritual Living


Testimonials : 

Before I completed a one-on-one mentorship with Sarito Sun, I had enjoyed laughing with friends but I was not sure how to integrate laughter into my work with my patients.  As a result of studying the benefits and techniques for including laughter in my work, I became confident introducing laughter into my sessions with my patients.  What I like best about studying laughter with Sarito is the fun and laughs we shared together during my training sessions. We always had a great time and I learned a lot at each session. Sarito has rich experience to draw from since she has been teaching laughter for over 30 years.  She imparted upon me the wisdom and insights of her teacher, Osho, in a way that changed my life forever.  Another benefit of studying laughter with Sarito is that she can do her trainings in person, on the phone, on Skype and through email.  She is a heart-centered teacher who tailored my training to my specific needs and empowered me with the confidence to lead laughter with my patients, now at every session.  I highly recommend Sarito Sun to all healthcare providers who are looking for an experienced teacher to help them share the gift of laughter with their patients.

Dr. Kimberley Bell, PT
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Vestibular Specialist
Yoga teacher

I had the honor of meeting Sarito Sun several years ago.  I was attending the Chopra Center’s Perfect Health program and Sarito offered a Kundalini Dancing Meditation class during my stay.  I felt an instant connection and attraction to her.  Sarito’s expertise in meditation practices graces you like a balm of pure joy.  After I became a certified Meditation and Ayurvedic Lifestyles instructor through the Chopra Center, I recognized the value of incorporating Laughter in my classes.  There was only one choice in selecting an instructor to provide me with the necessary Laughter Training – Sarito Sun!  She had already worked with me in helping me to develop skills as a Kundalini Dancing Meditation facilitator and she is a master educator.


I live in a remote area in Alaska.  Sarito organized our classes using Skype.  Her dynamic approach to teaching and her natural exuberance made the training all the more fun and meaningful.  She provided practical instruction along with helpful written resources.  Soon after completing my training with her, I facilitated the first ever World Laughter Day Meditation Celebration in my town.  We had an amazing experience and it’s all thanks to Sarito!  I have also incorporated her laughter ideas in my work as a human resources manager.  I always take time, during group orientation and training sessions, to get our employees laughing by using the techniques Sarito teaches.  I couldn’t be more grateful to have her as a mentor in my life.

Michelle A Cochran
Human Resources Manager
UniSea, Inc
Dutch Harbor, AK  99692
907.581.7350 – office
907.581.7352 – fax

Laughter is a very healthy emotion, it will restore happiness that are repressed in our seriousness, somberness and speedy modern world. 

Laughing Meditation, provides us with the easy, step-by-step techniques and tools that are easily accessible and byte sized to practice in quick intervals and longer intervals. 

Sarito with her vast experience, knowledge and wisdom is an epitome of love, laughter and joy, what better teacher can I ask to have learned this from. 

I am very grateful for going through the Laughing Meditation Teacher Training with Sarito.  Her playfulness and vivaciousness are very contagious and it all makes for an amazing life experience.

Prakash Chegu

CEO Atom Sage, Inc.  

San Diego, CA

I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing Sarito Sun for many years.  

There are people in our lives that change who we are and for me Sarito is on the top of my list in this regard.  Sarito has taken my joy and levity and playfulness and brought it from deep inside of me and made it accessible and bubbling to the top.  To know her and to laugh with her and to talk with her always brightens and enlightens my life.  I had the pleasure of being trained by Sarito as a laughter leader in a group and in private.  Sarito's warm sweet accepting way makes her training effortless.  She has so much joy that comes through her deep knowledge of how laughter can make this world a peaceful and ebullient place.  She is so generous with herself and I can always access the truths and joy of the healing of laughter.  She is a Love Feast and I am grateful to the bottom of my soul for her presence in my life.  

In Sweet Gratitude to the Queen of Laughter,

Chris Fox
Idyllwild, CA

                     Sarito Sun                       


Meditation Instructor




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